Sunday Treat ;-)

77.3 kgs, 8.8% body fat

goals, goals, goals!

Evening Routine On Matt

Evening Routine On Matt

Mirror Check

It’s Sunday - time to check my appearance:

  • mirror - ok (but improvable!)
  • scale - 76.9 kgs, 8.5% body fat (even improvable)

Summer shape is about to appear!
(77 kgs, body fat 9.3%)

Summer shape is about to appear!

(77 kgs, body fat 9.3%)

Sunday Selfie

76.1 kgs, 8.4% body fat.

Vacation Vs. Weight

Who says it’s impossible to keep your weight while you’re in vacation?

My nutrition now isn’t less good than my usual diet. I just needed two days of orientation which local food match my values.

Like sports is part of my daily timetable I don’t change it now. Btw: today was my leg day like every Wednesday.

If I ever needed a proof - look how the veins are again visible on my stomach:

Yes, dedication is the answer, even in vacations!

Good News

Final weighing today: 76 kgs, body fat 7.9 percent!!

That means I reached my goals very close. The best news is that I keep my shape sustainably!

I lost 13.6 kgs, reduced my body fat to about a third, gained muscles … I changed my lifestyle and feel great every single day!

I Dropped It!

I dropped my weight to 76.5 kgs and the body fat to 8.3%!
That means an one week move of minus .5 kgs and minus .6%!

So there are another 1 kg and 1.4% to go until February 7th. I really believe I can make it!

Especially since I started a four-week-hiatus on alcohol last night.

Final Treadmill Of The Year: 10.65 km, 65 min, max. speed 13.3 kmph, av. speed 9.83 kmph, 897 kcal

Final Treadmill Of The Year: 10.65 km, 65 min, max. speed 13.3 kmph, av. speed 9.83 kmph, 897 kcal



Apparently some progress. Thanks to my efforts in training and nutrition!

50 days until Bondi Beach!!

3rd Anniversary! Congrats To Myself!

Already three years ago I started my changes in lifestyle.

Since December 1st, 2010 I reduced my weight by 12.8 kgs to now 76.8 kgs. While I packed a lot of muscles on my bod.

Though I’m not completely satisfied with my actual state of body fat (8.4%) which I cutted to approx. a third of my beginning results I defenitely can say:

WOW!! The way I left behind was stained with sweat but always guided by success. I earned so much appreciation. And most important: so much self respect.

In the today age of 39 I really really confess: I never felt younger, motivated, encouraged, vigorous! I enjoy my life!

And with all the compliments I collect I even know: my body is a treasure I didn’t treat well in the past.

Exactly 365 days ago, December 1st last year, I tried a new step in my fitness efforts: I changed to low carb nutrition. It is still such a great experience: more protein, no sugar, no salt. I’ll go on at this path.

These are my plans for the next 68 days (kinda New Years Resolution):

weight down to 75.9 kgs and more significant - and harder of course - body fat to 6.9%.

I’m sure I will  succeed (even practical knowledge I acquired - if I really want, I will reach)!

Thanks for your support.


Hanging Loose. Resting On Leg Day.

Hanging Loose. Resting On Leg Day.

Another Sunday. Another Selfie.


I love to see the veins on my lower abs! The photo was taken before my toes-2-bar workout today!!

75.1 kgs with 7.6 percent of body fat.

You know WHEN it pays off: Saturday night, party and you take your shirt off - the eyes and cameras are on you.

Yes, everyone needs a stage.

Final Workout Before The States

I had the final workout in my home gym before taking off to The States tomorrow.

I’m happy with my shape. I added much muscles over the last months!