6p4s - The States | The Fabulous Season 5 Is To Begin


Unbelievable! Two incredible years have passed since I began to follow my very own 6p4s path (see how it began).

Looking back on today’s 2nd anniversary (1,093 blog entries in archive) I can really say this was worth every effort, day by day.

I’m absolutely proud of the success captured in all that pictures (watch my gallery).
The numbers stand alone for the huge changes I made: 13 kgs of weight loss, just 13 per cent of body fat left, BMI reduction by 3.8 (now under 23), massive muscle gain, and and and … progresses!

Feeling younger than ever I am positively sure to go on. Starting season 5 today!

It is no longer solely about sixpack. It’s the whole package!
My focus over the next six month will be in keeping and increasing the shape of my bod.

  • pectoral
  • arms
  • shoulders
  • back
  • bum
  • abs and v-cut (of course!!)

Not to forget: my personel fitness basing on running and rowing.

I strongly believe these goals are totally reachable. The side effects I expect are even fine: weight on hold & body fat loss.

Understand: If you ever leave your comfort zone the new place is to become your best comfort zone.

Thanks for your interest and support: 6p4s - the states is now the 5th season for shape.

Be healthy. Be fit. Be strong. Be sexy. - Be a WINNER!